15 Useful Tips to Improve Your Piano Chords

Piano is truly one of those instruments that create an aura of melancholy that not only moves your soul but rejuvenates it. The soulful sound transports you to a different world, miles away from all the earthly distractions. In fact, this is one of very few musical instruments that change the state of mind by its sheer staccato.

Each separate note that a piano creates, goes right to the bottom of the soul, and keeps on reverberating for a long time. Hence, to make sure that the magic unfolds in the truest way, the onus rests on the player.

Learning to play the piano chords is the basic step towards playing the instrument proficiently. In this blog post, we will look at 15 ways to improve your . Let the music begin:

1. Keep on singing along with the improvised notes.

In this way you will be able to underline your individuality and express the same once you keep on trying this for a considerable period of time. It’s not that you do it during concerts but you can definitely try this while you practice.

2. Learn the solos that you prefer to play

Another very effective way of improving your piano chords is learning the transcriptions of the solos that you prefer to play in public. The best way is transcribing them yourself.

3. Improvise these solos with the help of your left hand

Coming back to the solos, you need to improvise them with the help of your left hand. It’s important to improve the playing technique of your left hand as it allows you to focus more on the notes while playing. In this way you will be able to ‘listen’ to the piano notes more intensely. In this way, once your left hand techniques are improved and so is your ‘hearing’ ability, your right hand will by default fall into place, thereby improving the overall piano chords in a remarkable way.

4. Picking up grooves that are more energetic

One very effective technique of learning how to play piano chords seamlessly and improving them is picking up grooves that are more energetic and audacious. You can opt for rock, calypso, jazz as well as classic pieces that are more lively and rhythmic. Once you are into them in a proper way, you will be able to control the piano chords in a more effective way. You can also handle the shape of individual lines in a more ardent way, thereby improving your piano scales.

5. You need to play pretty slowly

Try to ‘listen’ to the chords on piano that you play. Make sure your ‘inner ear’ or you soul hear them before you actually play them.

6. Work more on notations and pieces that are your favorite.

Do not lose ‘the sight’ of the music that you are playing by focusing too much on the piano chords. Do not get busy playing what you need to play. Fiddle with the notes inside your soul. Do not be in a hurry. Enjoy being ‘with’ the notes. Do not let them ‘leave’ you once you move from one note to another. Make sure you sail from one note to another.

15 Useful Tips to Improve Your Piano Chords

7. Choose a short melodic piece or phrase

To improve the piano notes it’s important that you choose a short melodic piece or phrase, coupled with chord voicing and progression. Make sure you get the chance to fiddle with all the 12 keys.

8. Try different musical content

Try content of various genres and shapes as this will help you explore the notational shapes on your piano in a more progressive way. This will help you improve the piano scales.

9. Do not practice exclusively alone.

Play along with other musicians as well. This will increase the mutual understanding and help develop a trust and draw inspiration from them.

10. Practice wide range and genre of music

One very effective way of improving the chords is practicing a wide range and genre of music. This change of genre, pace, and rhythm of music will help you master new aspects of playing and help you improve things.

11. Do not hurry 

Learn piano chords slowly, assimilating each and every aspect of music well within your soul and enjoying every moment as you go through them.

12. Enjoy taking up challenges, and overcoming gradually.

Love to take the challenges up for sheer joy of playing.

13. Play more classical pieces

The very rhythm of the notes and their character help sooth your mind and realize the spirit of music. This helps to improve the piano chords in a great way.

14. Keep your mind open

Do not hesitate to learn from others. Keep on taking lessons from others.

15. Learn from your mistakes

Last but not the least, learn from your mistakes and always keep on improving. Never think you have enough knowledge of piano chords. Practice, practice and practice!

Focusing too much on the technicalities can often take away the soul from your music, so it’s important that you enjoy while practicing the piano chords. Play music with love and it will reflect in your performance!

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15 Useful Tips to Improve Your Piano Chords

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