ABOUT MEBefore anything else, I wanted to thank you for visiting my site. I really appreciate it 😀

Since you now end up reading this page, you probably want to know who I am. Well my name is Kreezel Villanueva and I am currently working as a System Developer. One of the things I love to do off course is to code. So you might have probably be asking now if I make this website, well YES I made it and I have created this to improve and monetize my skills.

Anyway, this website focused more about music specially piano. WHY? Well aside from coding or lets say programming, one of the things that I love to do is playing the piano. I’m not really that kind of a professional piano player, but I could at least play something that is pleasing to the ears. I learned it as years passed and started playing this instrument by myself thru my grandmother’s old looking (slightly out of tune) piano. It’s just really nice to hear good music (classical music to be exact 😀 ) so I started loving it.

Since then I started to learn and explore basic things about piano by myself in other words I am self taught. It sounds really hard to do, but I believe as long as you love what you’re doing you can make it really happen just like what I did.

Years passed I graduated high school , college and get my current job. I kinda stop playing for quite some time due to my busy schedules. It’s a bit frustrating specially if you tend to forget some things or songs you used to play before. But deep inside I still love music no matter what.

To cut the long story short, I have decided to create this website about music specially piano because that’s basically what I love and my passion. I have written Ebooks that is really worth reading specially for those people who wanted to learn more about piano.  And I have created article/blogs on this website to share some tips and share some of my own ideas about music.

You might probably want to like and share these ebooks to your friends and family I would really appreciate it if you do.