Acoustic Piano VS Digital Piano – Which is better?

The old-age question has been revolving around which is better Acoustic or Digital? It is solely a personal choice to make weighing the pros and cons. Choosing between whether to go for an acoustic piano or digital piano is the first difficult choice every beginner goes through. This actually depends on your preferences, a person who wants to learn and play for his hobby would choose for a and a person who want to pursue this as career would probably look for an acoustic piano. Well not only choices but other factors like cost, sound and upkeep cannot be overlooked while considering which one to buy. Here I will walk you through the features of each of it individually for better clarity.

Acoustic Piano

In an acoustic piano, when one pushes the keys it causes hammers to hit and bounce off of the strings. The vibration of the strings produces the music. It is of two types- Grand Piano and Upright Piano.

In case of grand piano, strings are attached horizontally while in upright piano strings run vertically. Richer tone in case of an acoustic piano is another difference from an upright piano. These usually consist of 81 keys. An acoustic piano always has more room for musical expression as far sound quality is concerned.

Constantly tuning up the device is very essential to keep it in right shape for long term use. Though heavier in size which makes it difficult in portability, yet requirement of power is zero. If tuned occasionally, would not require repair in its time span.

A good acoustic piano would last for a decade and its value appreciates with time. Environment conditions should also be taken care of especially humidity.

Digital Piano

Now let’s take a look into a Digital Piano. In case of a digital piano, it reproduces sound that is sampled and stored in computer chips inside the piano. When you press a key, it tells the computer to produce the corresponding sound. They usually come in variants of Grand, Upright and Portable. Be it any variant it either consists of 61 keys or full weighted 88 keys. It has constraints in musical expression as par sound quality.

Cost-wise it is relatively much cheaper than acoustic piano. Also, does not require occasional tuning up for its functioning. But can take up cost if repair is involved just like our computers. This makes their future value depreciate.

Though its being operative through battery or electricity, it bangs on the advantage of being portable as it is light weighted than acoustic.  These are more touch sensitive than acoustic pianos, with gentle touch of the keys sound is produced.

Now we have understood the differences of both the options of piano. Let’s dig little deep before reaching to a conclusion

Questions to ask yourself to help with the choice:

  • What is your need?
  • Are you looking for something futuristic?Is it for long term?
  • What is your investment value?Try to asses how much you could invest for it.

Finally, now that you have understood the differences and answered the questions above, its time to look for some recommendations


  • If you’re planning for piano lessons for your kid, better choice is -Digital piano!
  • Planning to persuade, playing  piano as a long-term goal- Acoustic is the choice!
  • If you’re an adult planning to play the instrument as a part time hobby- Digital it is!
  • If you’re a teacher planning to set up her own studio eventually to teach children- better go for Acoustic!

In general, every piano weather it is acoustic or digital has its own pros and cons, hope the above explanation helps to make a choice with ease! Enjoy playing!!

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Acoustic Piano VS Digital Piano - Which is better?

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