Things you should consider in buying Electronic Piano

Are you planning to buy a new Electronic Piano? Have you ever known the things that you should consider in buying piano? From the beginning of this article, I can tell you straight ahead that you will need a piano keyboard that sounds great, durable, with genuine piano feel, and USB connectivity, all at an affordable price. If you continue reading this guide, you will find that there is a lot more to look for so can have the best purchase.

Things you should consider in buying Electronic Piano

Here are some of the best features you should be looking for so you can best benefit from your purchase. With these essential functions present in your keyboard, I assure you that you will never regret buying one.

1. Touch Sensitivity

This is also known as velocity sensitivity, it is the piano’s ability to sense the speed or force at which the player presses the keys. This helps you to practice the amount of energy you should be exerting for a particular song or piano piece.

2. Weighted Action

As much as possible, choose a digital piano that has weighted keys for a more realistic weighted hammer action. The best benefit you will get from this feature is that it allows you to develop dynamics and speed.

3. Number of Keys

Although a with 88 weighted keys is ideal, it still depends on who’s playing. Beginners may find it hard to press weighted keys, and they may find it more intimidating to start with 88 keys. So you can start with 61-keys or 76-keys, and when you are confident about your skills, you can always upgrade to 88-keys.

4. Number of Polyphonies

The higher the polyphony, the better. This feature refers to the number of sounds the digital piano can produce at one time. This enables you to achieve that sound versatility you are looking for.

5. MIDI Compatibility

Pick a keyboard with MIDI functions, so you will be able to record your tracks. The best benefit you will get? Maximum fun and helps you develop as a pianist by recording all your practice sessions and evaluating them so you can apply the most efficient piano playing techniques in the future.

Things you should consider in buying Electronic Piano

6 USB Compatibility
Ensure that the you will buy is USB capable so you can connect it to a computer or tablet. This will help you transfer your recorded tracks to your computer and even connect your mp3 player so you can play along with your favorite songs.


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Things you should consider in buying Electronic Piano

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