How to Have a Fantastic Yamaha Piano with Minimal Spending

People looking to buy piano are opting for digital pianos and one of the most favorite brands in the market is the Yamaha electric keyboard piano. Truly, electronic pianos are becoming more and more popular these days and their portability and manageable size are contributing to this growing popularity. Among all the piano brands, both the pros and amateur musicians prefer Yamaha . In fact, these pianos have registered a higher sales.

There are three different kinds of Yamaha piano. Each of them comes up with a wide range of value added features and hence is equally popular. In fact, each one of them gives the other a steep competition in terms of sales, popularity, efficacy and quality.

The Yamaha piano price range varies a lot depending upon the value added features and the models and people have the liberty to choose the one of their choice according to their need. All of these pianos come up with a wide range of good looks, with a lot of functionality and high quality. They generate a wide range of sound, with varying expression and touch. Here are some very effective ways of getting one by making a modest spending.

If you are a beginner

If you are only a beginner, you need to go through the entire range of Yamaha keyboard piano for sale. You need to compare the Yamaha piano prices in a thorough way and opt for the one that will suite your need and more importantly, your budget to begin with.

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You might be flabbergasted by a wide range of choice and get bemused by the hoard of technical jargon whenever you opt for purchase one. However, you must stick to the basics and opt for only the one that you need to start the lessons. It is important you study properly about these instruments so that shopping becomes easier for you.


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Yamaha digital piano like any other of its counterparts come up with a wide range of features. Before you opt for the one of your choice, you need to have a fair amount of idea about the feature that you need to opt for as a beginner. You need to keep in mind that the price of these instruments varies depending upon the features. A thorough knowledge helps you to make sure that you do not unnecessarily pay for something that you do not need at all.

Number of Keys

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The price of the Yamaha piano also depends upon the number of keys. If you are a beginner, you need to have a general purpose instrument, comprising of 61 keys.  There are the ones with 77 and 88 keys digital piano available as well. However, as a beginner, all that you need is the one with 61 keys as that is enough for you to play any piece of music from any genre.


In case you opt for a Yamaha grand piano with 88 keys, you need to make sure that it has polyphony. An 88-key piano is totally useless, if it does not have polyphony of a decent quality.

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Polyphony is actually the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously, with the keyboard generating a collective sound, which is in perfect harmony with each other, thereby emanating a polyphonic effect. Generally, you will have Yamaha upright piano with keyboards having a 32+ key polyphony, which is standard, and is more than enough if you are not a renowned professional with a huge experience of playing in front of a colossal crowd under your belt.

Kind of keys

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You need to concentrate on the types of keys. You find ones with weighted keys these days. If you have experience of playing non digital, conventional pianos including grand pianos, these keys may come in handy. This is because you may like to have the feel of the weighted keys while you play the Yamaha upright piano.

In some digital pianos you may find light up keys these days. As a beginner, these may help you learn playing the instruments and learn playing lessons. They are cheap, though not qualitatively superior. You may find a Yamaha baby grand piano with this feature. Kids generally love playing them and they are quite affordable but you can definitely opt for better alternatives.

The bottom line is that you need to stick to the basics and keep in mind your requirements to purchase a Yamaha digital piano at cheap rate.

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How to Have a Fantastic Yamaha Piano with Minimal Spending

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